Weekender in the real capital

Can you believe I’ve lived in the UK for 3.5 years and I had never visited Winchester? The old capital of England? The home of kings, of artists, of politics for hundreds of years?

I know, it’s shocking. I recently atoned by going on a fantastic weekend girls’ trip resplendent with chilly blue skies and costume silliness.

The Winchester Cathedral, resting place of Jane Austen, is magnificent in the centre of town and all the key sights are within a 20 minute walk from here.

Winchester Cathedral

Winchester Cathedral

I heart King Alfred!

Winchester is incredibly pretty. On the Saturday there was a lively market in the centre and Naomi’s Trip Advisor skills saw us make some excellent food and coffee choices over the weekend.

We can safely say that the highlight for all of us (ok me) was dressing as a crusader at the real* Round Table from the legend of King Arthur. Nevermind the inconsistencies in costume, timeline or traditional gender of my Crusader posing with  piece of furniture from a Dark Ages Legend…we (the 10 little children playing dress ups and I) were in our element. I even got Naomi in a Maid Marian costume, woot woo.

On our drive home and just outside Winchester we also stopped off to visit Bishops Waltham  – once a very important Hampshire Village and now picturesque High Street and historical ruins of Bishops Waltham Palace.

With still much much more to be discovered in Hampshire…we’ll be back!

*Not really real…but a 700 year old copy so still counts!


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