2017: bringing in the brunch

So I headed from Cairns to Melbourne, on what is usually 3.5 hour flight. It was a beautiful clear day and I spent most of the flight glued to the window staring out at alternating views of unending coastline, brown land, farmland and ocean. You really begin to understand the term ‘The Never Never’ when you see sights like this. They went on and on. And on. And on. Four hours into the flight and we were still seeing Beyond the Black Stump and nothing of a seven million person city. Then the pilot announced that, owing to a freak storm over Melbourne, we would be making a slight detour of 700km (and then back again) to have a break in Adelaide and wait it out. Needless to say the non-English speaking tourists on the flight were quite surprised to land in sunny Adelaide! And we were all left wondering what all the fuss was about when we arrived to a beautiful clear evening in Melbourne, seven hours after we left Cairns. Freak storm indeed.

Melbourne: Accurate

Melbourne: accurate


So on to Melbourne. It’s not that I didn’t have brunch in 2016 or before…it’s just an undeniable fact that there is more brunch on offer in Melbourne than any other city in the world. Also a fact; you cannot meet your Australian friends or family without also having brunch. Being a hipster isn’t a thing in Melbourne anymore, it’s just a fact of being a local in Melbourne. And this might sound like a rant of facts but I think it’s fabulous (as long as I can drink out of cups instead of jars or teapots).

Please take the time to visit my three favourite brunch spots of the trip:


I spent the rest of the trip catching up with my family and friends in their amazing apartments, a little bit of shopping (you are very welcome for the increase in annual profits Mr Chemist Warehouse), fitting in some cultural activities  to escape the 38 degree heat into some air conditioning, and watching nightly games of cricket.

We even visited a new spot for my family; the famous Brighton Beach Huts on the coast. The sand was about 50 degrees and there were too many flies in our faces to really see, but we got some touristy snaps.

Brighton Beach Huts, Melbourne

Brighton Beach Huts, Melbourne

On New Year’s Eve my friends and I braved the rave and headed to a NYE17 White Party down on the beach at St Kilda. It’s the closest I’ll probably ever get to a music video clip. Super fun and dangerous combination of white clothes and red slush cocktails.

So a final note; when in Melbourne do as mum’s kitty does and…

Keep Calm Poppy!

Keep Calm Poppy!


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