Cairns-mas! Festive in FNQ

My first Christmas in Cairns in five years! My first Australian summer in almost as long. It’s safe to say I was unpleasantly hot, sweaty and swollen but equally as excited, relaxed and melancholic to spend a week of holidays in my old hometown.

I went through a range of feelings while in Cairns; nostalgia, confusion, belonging, foreign, happiness, boredom, lostness. Brunch. Brunch is a pretty strong emotion in Australia.

Mostly I felt for the first time that Cairns was not really my home anymore, that I was a casual observer or tourist now and I didn’t really know how to process that! And I was overwhelmed with how beautiful and natural Queensland is and wondering if I will ever be back there again for long enough to take it for granted as I obviously used to.

I busied myself with a lot of exercise and tanning; considering I was being woken up at about 5am every day by a very noisy kookaburra outside my window, I had a lot of hours in the day to explore my old home again.

Listen to the sounds of my trip to Cairns here and take a visual tour below.


One thought on “Cairns-mas! Festive in FNQ

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