Magical Χανιά and the best beaches in the world…

I know, it’s a big claim! But you have to trust me because I’m from Australia and as far as anybody knows…Australia is where the best beaches in the world are, right? I was first challenged on this egotistical theory on a trip to Fiji. Then when I visited the Gower Peninsula in Wales. But I still thought Australia had number one spot. Then Crete happened.

I originally suggested Crete for our second stop on the Greek holiday based on my inner history geek. However the freedom of a hire car and Naomi’s skillful driving around goats on cliff edges  meant we could explore much further than just the beautiful towns of Crete.

We based ourselves in Chania/Χανιά (I became obsessed with trying to decipher the Greek alphabet), a beautiful town in the north of Crete. A Venetian port, selection of gourmet yet affordable seafood restaurants and plague of cats meant we were pretty happy with this as our home.

Chania Town at dusk

Chania Town at dusk

Chania Town, Crete

Chania Town, Crete

Chania Town, Crete

Chania Town, Crete

We spent a lot of time wandering Chania and if we hadn’t had the car we probably could’ve been pretty happy just chilling out in this town for a few days.

BUT! We had a car! And we had Naomi’s fantastic research and navigation skills. So we took two day trips out to the best beaches in Crete: Falassarna and Elefonisi. Falassarna was the most incredible beach I have ever seen. I swam, it was that warm. It was also pretty quiet, with cheap food and activities and not too far from Chania. The pictures speak for themselves.

Then we took another day trip to Elefonisi – the Pink Beach. Slightly less romantic when you realise the ‘pink’ is bacteria on coral and shells but we were keen to get those pink photos. The drive to this beach was hair-raising. Incredibly narrow and high, winding roads around a mountain range, sometimes with not enough space for one car never mind the goats and oncoming traffic. We made it and Naomi was a pro, though my blood pressure might still be through the roof. The Pink Beach definitely didn’t disappoint either.

We found one restaurant in particular that was so good, we went back twice. Salis on the Venetian Port at Chania was affordable gourmet.

And in between being les gourmandes, we also had some daily staples. Greek yoghurt can never be replicated.

Oh you thought I would forget to post about the cats!? Never!


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