Hiking in Santorini

I admit that Summer 2016 was quite the holiday hiatus for me; evidenced by the major gap in blog posts. With a trip to Australia on the cards for Christmas I decided to make the most of an English Summer…and it didn’t disappoint! But by the time our September girls’ weekend to Paris came around, I was fast becoming desperate for a longer break.

Just at the moment when I thought work and life stress were going to swallow me whole, our long awaited trip to Greece came around. Oh my days I needed some sun and a Mythos lager!

First stop, Santorini. Amazing weather: check. Great seafood: check. Fun travel buddies: check. Wholesome activities to reset the chakras: check. Vistas to make the eyes water from happiness: check, check, check!

September was a perfect time to visit; just hot and busy enough to enjoy all the attractions but not summer summer. 

We explored around our anchor point – main town Fira – quite thoroughly and took a morning to walk a long long way down (and perhaps more importantly, a long long way back up!) to the Old Port with masses of donkeys. We almost got trampled at one point; it was just like The Lion King and I was Simba letting my Naomi be almost sacrificed to the herd. Sorry Nomi.

Then we took a beautiful day trip to Oia, by foot. I highly recommend the three hour coastal walk from Fira to Oia. Spectacular views from every single angle and point along the route.


Our hiking route from Fira to the left all the way to Oia on the right peninsula

Lastly we took the bus to Akrotiri, the Red Beach. There are also Black Beaches but we didn’t have time to see them all and some drunken tourists told us the Red Beach is the best so we took their advice. It certainly didn’t disappoint.

I think three-ish days in Santorini was more than enough to explore and relax. Next stop…Crete.


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